The intimate messages between Boris Johnson and Jennifer Acruriintimate

Jennifer Acruri has revealed details about the steamy messages she sent to Boris Johnson – and a raunchy response.

The American businesswoman, who received £ 126,000 in public money for event sponsorship and grants, has claimed she had a four-year affair with the Prime Minister while he was Mayor of London.

She says she sent the 56-year-old “sexy” pictures of herself – but she insists they were classy.

Reply to a message in a message from The mirrorBoris said it was “enough to get a bishop to kick a hole in a stained glass window”.

The American businesswoman decided to divulge everything to the newspaper and said she fell in love with Boris and that she never needed anything from him.

Ms. Arcuri, 35, said: “Make our text messages what you want. But I didn’t feel like it was a scary predator. I never felt like this.

“There are things to be said about how much older and married he was, I definitely can appreciate it. But it was always fun. I enjoyed the mental joke. “

Speaking of the intimate photos, she revealed that one of her “really, really sexy photos” was a “pin-up” where you can see the silhouette of her chest.

Ms. Arcuri added: “Most of them were done professionally – none of them were uncomfortable.

“I tried to be very prudent, so I didn’t want to make that available to myself. It was sprinkled very tastefully every now and then.”

The Prime Minister has to answer questions about the relationship after the Greater London Authority – which oversees the mayor’s office – opens an investigation.

Boris had denied the relationship had come about when it was found she’d been allowed three taxpayer-funded trade missions even though her companies didn’t meet the criteria for the trips.

She has also received public sponsorship grants of £ 126,000.

The Prime Minister has always denied any wrongdoing. Ms. Arcri claimed she was not fully aware of the trade travel rules when she attended, but now believes Johnson should have declared the friendship.

Len Duvall, chairman of the GLA oversight committee conducting the investigation, said, “Our investigation will assess whether Boris Johnson has behaved as expected of anyone in this position.

“It is important that we get these answers because Londoners deserve their politicians to be held accountable.”


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