The iPhone 15 Pro Would Arrive Without A Tray To Insert The SIM

iPhone 15 Pro: Apple is known that the construction of its devices is very closed. There are no more gaps than those offered by the external connections and the speakers and in fact little by little you are getting away from these kinds of elements. But one has remained a practically immovable element in every telephone to this day. We are talking about the SIM card, which could disappear in the iPhone 15 Pro.

Talking about the iPhone 15 Pro without coming out on the 14th?

One of the things that catches the eye of the smartphone world, and practically every technology segment, is that variants are projected over the years. Users only have the most current version at hand and little is said about the arrival of a new handset when a new one is on the market. But this is so, and you have to have a forward-looking view, as can be the case with Apple.

And it is that with those models two years later, the rumors are somewhat uncertain and this has as its subject the next version of the heir to the iPhone 13. The terminal of the bitten apple is one of the most beloved, but it is it is already beginning to speak that the iPhone 15 Pro can leave the SIM card tray. At least that’s what they have on BlogdoiPhone, where they suggest that the iPhone 15 Pro could be the first without a sim card tray.

The medium says internal sources point to a report that as of 2023, the Pro version of the iPhone may arrive as early as 2023 without any input on the physical SIM card, and will only work with 2 eSIM slots. The company is already familiar with this technology if we consider that the Apple Watch has a version with this feature, but it seems that sooner or later we will see it on mobile phones.

However, this is just a rumor of a phone that is still completely unknown. Everything would gain more power in a time space closer to launch and if we had more information about the iPhone 14, On the other hand, it should be noted that the use of eSIM is not yet widespread, so we could hope that in the future let’s look at it in a more general way.

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