The iPhone’s Two-Finger Trick For Bulk Selection

the iPhone is full of ‘secrets’, of methods and ways of doing things on the terminal that are easy to overlook, like the one we are going to talk about next, that you may or may not know: When we have a conversation, or the inbox of our mail, notes, etc, and we want to select several, the usual thing is to press and hold on one of the messages, mail, items to open a selection menu and then go one by one by clicking on the rest.

Or select the entire screen with a button that allows it to be done. What if there was an easier way to do this?

The iPhone’s two-finger trick for bulk selection

There is, since several Apple applications allow you to make this massive selection without having to open any selection screen, simply by placing two fingers on the iPhone -or iPad- screen and dragging down from the message / email / note you want, choosing all that you want.

This gesture function works in iOS apps such as:

Available for all iOS and iPadOS apps, developers like Jordan Morgan have tweeted that this bulk selection gesture feature should be available for many more apps on both devices, both First and Third Party – it would be ideal in Gmail or WhatsApp for example.

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