The Justice System Is Going Too Easy on the White Insurrectionists

An estimated 800 people stormed the Capitol on January 6 in a violent uprising to dismiss the results of the presidential election. Five people, including a Capitol police officer, died. Many more were injured. On the day of the coup, we all witnessed the privilege and reluctance that law enforcement has shown towards white criminals. Some officers have already been given leave of absence because they showed up to encourage the mob. A single white insurgent was shot; If the mob had been mostly black, we would all have known the cops would have fired tanks, drones, and a barrage of bullets.

Now we’re seeing the same racial permissibility from the Justice Department and the FBI. Riley June Williams, the white woman accused of stealing Nancy Pelosi’s laptop During the riot last week, she was released into her mother’s custody pending a trial. Eric Munchel, the “tie guy” who showed up to the Capitol ready to take members of Congress hostage, was released on loan after his buddy paid his bail. But Emanuel Jackson, pretty much the only black face anyone has ever seen break through the Capitol is being held in prison until the trial.

Every single person who broke through the Capitol that day has committed a crime. Every single person who violated the Capitol is believed to be videotaped by surveillance cameras committed to the crime. At the very least, every single person who has violated the Capitol must be arrested, charged, and held accountable for that crime – just as if they were black.

But the vast majority of these 800 criminals were white, which means the vast majority are free at least for now. Only around 125 people have reportedly been arrested so far. Most of them were charged with relatively minor offenses. A crazy report of The Washington Post suggests that there are internal disagreements among some in the Justice Department over whether the authorities should act against all 800 insurgents at all. For some reason, the judicial officials tell the press that they fear that the lawsuit against these people will “overwhelm” the courts.

That is an absurd claim. Every criminal court in a large metropolitan area of ​​this country is “overwhelmed” with cases, and that was already the case before Covid-19, when judges could safely go to work. Every family court in this country is overwhelmed. Every immigration court in this country is overwhelmed. Black and brown people are sitting in jails across the country waiting for their cases to be heard. But are we supposed to believe that “the system” is too busy to hold about 800 white insurgents accountable? What, are we concerned that the FBI will run out of organic meals to feed these people too?


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