The key lockdown dates for February you need to be aware of

Here are four of the top dates to keep in mind as we near February.

The government announced a lockdown across the country earlier this month. Prime Minister Boris Johnson then delayed the reopening of the schools.

And now the earliest students could return to class on March 8th and the prime minister could look into lifting the lockdown.

With cases of the virus ultimately appearing to stabilize, the government is currently working on a roadmap that can no longer be blocked. Birmingham Live reported.

Schools are a priority and restaurants and pubs are unlikely to reopen in March.

31 January

The government is aiming for a weekly target of 2 million shocks and says: “In England hundreds of thousands of people will be vaccinated a day by the end of January and at least 2 million people a week will be reached”

As of last week, 641,000 invitations had been sent out and another 380,000 were slated to land on people’s doormats this weekend.

Another half a million letters will be sent this week, NHS England said.

NHS England said the new centers would be able to deliver “thousands” of puffs per week and scale operations up and down according to vaccine supplies.

February 15th

13.9 million most vulnerable people should be offered their first dose.

On January 4, Boris Johnson first set the goal of delivering the first dose of a vaccine by February 15 to the top four priority groups identified by the government’s main vaccination advisory body.

The number was originally estimated at 15 million people, but Matt Hancock said in an interview with BBC Radio 4 today that the top four categories across the UK were 13.9 million.

The goal has always been to offer people the first dose.

February 15th

The first check of the current lock.

The government and its scientific advisors would consider four questions. These are:

  • Hospital admission rates
  • Mortality rates
  • the vaccination rate
  • the challenge of new variants of Covid-19

Education Minister Nick Gibb Gibb said: “It is the government’s strong desire to reopen all schools, colleges and universities as soon as possible.

“We will give priority to reopening schools when we start lifting lockdown restrictions.

“We are very much aware of the damage to the education and development of children, especially the most disadvantaged students, caused by absence from school, and the increasing burden on parents.

“And that’s why we allowed providers in the first few years to stay open during this lockdown.”

The Labor Shadow Education Secretary told the Commons that the government was not giving schools a “clear plan”.

February 22

Boris Johnson said the roadmap for the lockdown exit would be released the week of February 22nd. It will be submitted to Parliament for debate.

Health Secretary Hancock said the government would be “science driven” when asked if England would revert to an animal system after the last lockdown.

He said the government is examining how different areas are affected.

According to Susan Hopkins of Public Health England, death rates and hospital stays need to be reduced much further as ICUS continues to be congested.

Mr. Hancock said, “We are looking at this issue and the implications that the various levels have had, and we are also looking at where we found the transmissions to have taken place. So this is a question determined by science. “


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