The Last Days of American Crimes Movie Review

The Last Days of American Crimes Movie Review

Last Days of American Crimes Movie Review: The time of the release of the movie has a major role in defining the success of the movie. Movies should be made according to recent trends and interests or should target the correct audience. As a result, The last days of American Crime’s timing was the reason it failed to gain popularity.

The Last Days of American Crimes Movie Review

The movie is based on a graphic novel by Rick Remender and Greg Tocchini. In the novel, the American government launched a new program called the American Pearce Initiative in this program a signal is an en directly to the human brain that prevents anyone from committing a crime.

A group of like-minded thieves developed a technology that could block the signal for 30 minutes, all they wanted was to steal one billion dollars. Their lives were at stake, and all they had was half an hour for the heist. The director of this movie is Oliver Megaton she has directed tonnes of action movies which one been best in their kind. But during this pandemic, no one wanted to watch a brainless action movie that didn’t have a motive.

This movie could have been a gem, but the pandemic was not the right time to launch this movie. Stay connected and Stay tuned.


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