The Last of Us Part II: Supernatural Easter egg found

  1. Anyone who is a fan of the Supernatural series will be happy to know that there is a very interesting Easter egg involving two of its actors in The Last of Us Part II. Last year, some players had already found a letter allegedly written by Jensen Ackles (who played Dean Winchester) about actor Misha Collins (the angel Castiel in the series).

Although there aren’t many details, Jensen’s body is clearly found in a convention center, along with the letter written before his death. This would mean the two actors would be at a convention that would have a supernatural panel when the events of the first game took place.

While trapped there, Jensen did his best to assist at a monorail station, but was fatally attacked along the way. In the letter, Misha is asked to be notified of what happened because Jensen would not be able to reach him. This only confused fans of the series and the game as to whether it would be possible to find sweet Castiel’s body as well.

A TikTok user known as a circle wizard offered to perform a detailed search of the monorail system where Misha Collins would be to find out where his body was. He eventually found a body with a letter addressed to the actor, suggesting it was himself.

Even though it’s a very tragic ending for both actors, I can’t say this isn’t a super interesting Easter egg to find. The coolest thing would be to know if the actor Jared Padalecki is also hiding somewhere in The Last of Us Part II. If so, it won’t be long before a fan finds you.

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