The major Slimming World changes being brought in for 2022

It’s January and that means many of us step on the scales and are shocked at what we see.

After we have spent the holidays, the New Year is a time to cut back on eating and drinking and try to shed the pounds that we have amassed.

But how does it work? There are so many ways to lose weight these days that it is dizzying and difficult to know which one to choose.

This really happens at a Slimming World meeting

One of the most popular and effective ways is to join a slimming group like Slimming World.

The company has been helping the UK lose weight for over 50 years but needs to move with the times and is constantly updating and optimizing its regimen to help its members and to keep up with the latest food and nutrition information.

And for 2022, she has introduced six new changes that she believes will help members shed the pounds.

Consultant Paula Hooper, who has led groups in Rubery and Lickey End for 18 years, said she was excited about the changes.

“Slimming World has over 52 years of experience in the psychology of weight loss and is embedded in everything we do – it’s so much more than just a nutrition plan,” she said.

“The pandemic has been harsh, but a new study shows that people who lose weight as part of a group can lose more weight and increase their mental strength more than those who chose to lose weight on their own.”

Here are six things that will change in 2022:

Groups are open again and are Covid compliant

All Slimming World meetings will be held in person in 2022 – subject to restrictions, of course.

The groups had to go virtual during last year’s lockdowns but are now back in operation.

Due to the Omicron variant, restrictions remain in place to ensure the safety of members.

This includes “sneeze protection walls” at the counters where members pay, are weighed and buy goods.

Hand sanitiser is found in meeting rooms, spaces have been created between seats to ensure social distance, and face masks must be worn at all times.

The membership packages have been revised

Regarded by members as “the Bible”, the package, which will be given to all newcomers, has a stylish new look for 2022.

The new Slimming World membership packages

It contains all the food and nutritional information that a slim person needs to lose weight.

It has been revised for 2022 to reflect all changes and updates in the world of diets.

Members can go vegan

Along with the rest of the UK, Slimming World is committed to veganism.

A new plant-based recipe book has been created and is available to members.

The book “Va Va Vegan” priced at £ 4.95 includes meals, side dishes and desserts – all without animal products.

Online exercises for members

Exercise is an important part of losing weight and Slimming World has created more than 50 workouts that are available to its members.

It will run in parallel with their Body Magic exercise program and is easily accessible online on the company’s website and app.

They are suitable for all abilities and fitness levels and offer four different types of activity: balance and flexibility, cardio, strength and dance.

January is the most popular month to try to lose weight

New ready meals in Iceland

Sometimes you don’t have the time – or don’t want to – to cook, which is why special ready-made meals with calorie counting have been created for sale in Iceland.

The range is already popular with members, and now more have been added.

New additions are Pizza Chicken, Salt and Pepper Chicken Chow Mein and Cowboy Hotpot.

New ways to join and pay

There are new ways to join Slimming World and a range of payment options.

They include a two-week free membership if you join before January 15th and purchase a 12-week countdown course, getting 12 weeks for the price of 10.

If you don’t want to join a group, Gold Bundle digital-only membership can save you £ 15 if you join before January 30th.

There are also discounts for those over 60 and discounts on admission fees in January.

For detailed information on all memberships and payment options, click Here.

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