The Mandalorian to Add Aliens and Terminator Star Michael Biehn

Michael Biehn, seen here in The Abyss, is coming to The Mandalorian.

Michael Biehn, seen here in The abyss, Comes to The Mandalorian.
Photo: Fox

Michael Biehn. Star Wars. It fits a bit, right? The actor has already appeared in two of the best sci-fi series of all time-The Terminator and Aliens– so what better way to complete some kind of sci-fi trifecta than with The Mandalorian?

To make Star Wars reports, and Hollywood Reporter confirms that Biehn is part of it The Mandalorian season two. Apparently he plays’ a bounty hunter van tthe past of Mando ‘, which makes sense since there were still a lot of loose ends left in season one about that past. The report also says Bill Burr will reprise his role as Mayfeld in the second season.

io9 contacted Lucasfilm about this report and will update this story if or when it responds. However, in reporting this story, io9 had one source that confirmed and added the casting which would draw Biehn’s dialogue from some of his famous roles from the past. So don’t be surprised when you hear, “This is the only way to know for sure” or “Come with me if you want to live.”

Biehn has been playing since the late 1970s. He appeared in supporting roles for many years before breaking out in 1984 The Terminator. That movie tied him not only with director James Cameron, who threw Biehn in The abyss and Aliens, but helped reinforce his no-nonsense, tough personality. He is also known for roles in Tombstone, The Rock, Navy SEALs, and more, has appeared in many small indie films over the past decade.

Although things around production have been pretty quiet The Mandalorian, we have seen reports that Robert Rodriguez directed an episode this time as well as Carl Weathers, who plays Greef Carga in the series. Last week we learned that Rosario Dawson will be accompanying the cast to play a live action Ahsoka Tano. And of course Baby Yoda remains one troublemaker.

Season two of The Mandalorian, produced by Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni, would premiere on Disney + this fall. However, that was before the Covid-19 pandemic, so it’s not known if the release date will be affected at all. What we do know is that the main photography has been completed and Pedro Pascal and Gina Carano are returning.

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