The Microsoft Surface Duo 2 could arrive in fall 2021

Microsoft is making great strides on devices meant for productivity. It has strived to become a benchmark in the field of tablets and has succeeded at the design level. But it didn’t stop there and the proof of this was when we saw two new models in 2019 that revolutionized the entire market with the Microsoft Surface Neo and Duo models. Now, two years later, we have news that Redmond will be releasing a new version of the Surface Duo this year.

Microsoft’s foldable tablet gets a review

We are in a time when the segment of tablets and smartphones is in full transformation. This means that we are seeing more and more innovative devices and the proof of this is the integration of terminals with flexible screens. But in Redmond, they’ve taken a step forward, and it’s all that indicates we’re going to see a new version of the Surface Duo this year.

According to what WindowsLastest says, the device has been around for a year now and there would be two reasons enough to launch a new and improved version. The truth is that now more than ever it makes sense with the amount of advancement we’ve seen in the telephony field. And that is why major changes are expected in the device and, among other things, an improvement in design and connectivity.

Microsoft Surface Duo with 5G in the fall

As we said, everything points to the Microsoft Surface Duo getting a new version this year. It will be in the fall when we see this novelty, especially at the beginning of the season, as evidenced by the latest leaks. But it’s not all that is expected for those in Redmond’s new terminal. And because it’s a mobile device, it can use a chip with an internet connection like the one that smartphones integrate, so it could be the company’s first device with 5G.

Little is said about the design changes, which are said to be there, but they are still a mystery. We could see a device without visible hinges just like the devices on the market right now, which would be a big step forward for the company and a statement of intent against the foldable smartphones already circulating in the market.

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