The New Mutants gets An Official Release Date In The Movie Theatres

The New Mutants gets An Official Release Date In The Movie Theatres

Now Disney and the 20th-century Studios will finally come up with The New Mutants in the big screen this summer for the people. The New Mutants has now found a new life again. This is the long-delayed X-Men spin-off movie which has landed a brand new theatrical release date, with the Disney and Fox Studios set to debut the movie on August 28 this year.

The New Mutants gets An Official Release Date In The Movie Theatres

Originally, the movie was set to release in April this year, but the studio was forced to delay their release date. They did this because of the corona-virus pandemic which spread all around the world, so all the studios and the production houses had to be shut down.

The news of the release date was made confirmed by the movie’s official social media accounts. There was a previously released poster for The New Mutants which was shared along with a caption which read, ‘We Are Back’. The posted actually boasts the new release date at the bottom of it. The movie’s Twitter page also has a new banner image with their release date on it. While we know that this is good news for the Marvel fans who all have been very curious about this seemingly project, there are a great many questions that still remain unanswered in terms of what the exhibition side of the movie business will look like in late August.

States such as Texas and Georgia have allowed their all movie theatres to open, but that with heavy restrictions, such as reduced the capacity and extra sanitisation measures. Few of the theatres have opted to open, save for a smattering of drive-ins around the whole country that are keeping the theatrical experience alive just right now.

This movie has been in the works for few years or more or less. The director Josh Boone said that the movie centres ona  group of young mutants who all are trapped together in a mysterious facility.


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