The new Royal Mail scam text message to watch out for

A new Royal Mail scam is making the rounds – customers are warned not to fall for fake text messages allegedly from the postal giant.

The fake texts are sent by phishing scammers to collect personal information and money.

Royal Mail was a target for many scammers during the lockdown, with various emails and texts circulating as the number of posts and packages

The latest scam is aimed at people who may have sent packages through the mail.

It tries to pressure people to click the link in the text and says, “Royal Mail: Please pay your shipping fee immediately … or your package will be returned to the sender.”

The link will take you to a fraudulent website where you will be asked for personal information as well as payment information.

People were recently warned of yet another Royal Mail scam making the rounds in the West Midlands.

The scam has already cost a Birmingham graduate all of her savings, as she revealed in a viral thread on Twitter.

The fake text message shows scammers impersonating bank employees and asking them to transfer money to “secure accounts”.

The scam is: “Your package has an unpaid shipping fee, pay it now.”

A fraudulent link is then shared with the recipients.

Royal Mail warns customers not to click links or enter personal information in emails and text messages.

Royal Mail advises anyone who thinks they have received a fraud or suspicious email or text from the Post Office to complete this Online form.

Individuals are encouraged to report fraud to Action Fraud or to contact the National Cyber ​​Security Center for email fraud by sending an email to [email protected]


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