The non-royal name Princess Charlotte uses at school so pupils think she's 'normal'

Children across the country are going back to school after the summer break – and royal kids are no exception.

Prince George and Princess Charlotte both visit Thomas’s Battersea in south London.

Prince George, 8 years old, is in her fourth year and his little sister Princess Charlotte, six, is in her second year.

Despite their royal status, insiders claim that the kids are treated like any other student once they walk in the school gate. Der Spiegel reports.

This is something Kate and William will wholeheartedly support as they desperately want their children to have a “normal” childhood as possible – so Charlotte has a different name.

Her full name is Charlotte Elizabeth Diana and her official title is HRH Princess Charlotte of Cambridge.

Both are a small bite and we can’t imagine the kids in the playground or their teachers using them.

Hence, she follows in the footsteps of her older brother and other family members, using her parents’ title as a surname. Hence she is known as Charlotte Cambridge.

Similarly, George is technically George Alexander Louis, HRH Prince George of Cambridge – but goes from George Cambridge.

Her father William and Uncle Prince Harry used the same style for their names, using Charles’ title – Wales – as their last name.

They used the name not only in school but also during their military careers.

But Charlotte Cambridge isn’t the only name the six-year-old has been given over the years.

Her nickname was revealed in a rare family video clip when Prince William and Kate Middleton were joined by their children at the Royal Chelsea Flower Show in 2019.

Kate had helped design a garden for the show and George, Charlotte and Louis came over to see it.

While playing on a swing in the garden, William calls for his daughter and asks her to give him a push.

But instead of saying “Charlotte”, he calls for “Mignonette”.

The French word is said to mean “small, sweet and tender” or “sweet”. Older French definitions also show that it can mean gentle and kind.

It’s quite different from the nickname Kate was previously known to call her daughter – Lottie.

During an official trip to Northern Ireland in 2019, Kate met a fellow mother named Laura-Ann and her son.

Laura-Ann posted about the meeting on Instagram, claiming Kate revealed her nickname for Charlotte during their conversation.

She said, “She asked how old Bertie was and I said he was four and she said, ‘Oh, he’s as old as Lottie.’ She calls her Lottie! “


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