The Office Season 9: A Deserved Ending To A Story

The office made a comeback in its final season after a difficult first season without Michael Scott. it was clear from the start. season eight had come to an end. Robert California was no longer alive. the end was near. in the opener, the cameramen spoke for the first time and we were immersed in an ambitious final season.

With some early episodes bringing back the laughs and the heart, The Office seemed to be returning to its old ways. Andy’s Heritage and Work Bus, for example, set the tone and corrected some of the shortcomings of season eight. What is the best example? Nellie, the previously obnoxious and despised character, grew up on us and became endearing while remaining darkly amusing.

several classic characters, including Roy, Jan and of course Michael, were brought back into the season. Jan’s appearance in the whale was straight out of the office. since Michael was not there, the quality of her return was all the more shocking. instead, they focused on her position as a mother and her alleged affair with a hunter, which they used to great effect.

Dwight Christmas was another classic that perfectly ended one of the best recent holidays on television. Of course it was not right. The Target and The Farm, the failed pilot for a Dwight spin-off, are among the worst Office episodes ever. Season eight had some lingering effects, but they were few and far between.

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Andy’s absence from the middle third of the season was also a curious phenomenon. Of course, Ed Helms was away filming The Hangover Part III, so it just didn’t suit his character to leave him out for too long and not get fired right away. However, it did encourage Erin to realize how incompatible they are as a couple and start dating new guy Pete (or Plop).

The announcement of the documentary crew in the second half of the season was a turning point for the show. While the Brian subplot wasn’t going anywhere and was a bit awful, seeing everyone else’s reactions as the documentary’s air date approached was really special.

The Office Season 9

Comedies like Two and a Half Guys, The Big Bang Theory and even Parks and Recreation go to some extent for these great grand moments of comedy or sweetness. Season eight of The Office may have lost almost all of its subtlety, but it didn’t recover enough until season nine to put it on the right track.

This is not one of the best seasons. Michael was and is sorely missed. There were some particularly horrible episodes. Overall, however, it was a significant change. That is something that should not be overlooked.

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