The only eight reasons you are allowed to break self-isolation

The only eight reasons you are allowed to break self-isolation

Anyone who tests positive for coronavirus in England must stay at home for 10 days from today – or expect a fine of up to £ 10,000.

The 10 days of self-isolation will begin on the date you first developed symptoms of Covid-19 – fever, cough, or loss of taste or smell.

At the same time, anyone who has come into contact with someone who is positive and is instructed to do so by NHS Test and Trace must isolate for 14 days from the date the person you were in contact with first developed symptoms of coronavirus.

If you break self-isolation, the police can use appropriate force in addition to the fine to get you back to your home.

The fine for a first offense is £ 1,000 – it increases to £ 2,000, then to £ 4,000 and finally to £ 10,000 The mirror.

If you refuse to pay the fine or if you break the rules repeatedly, you will be brought to justice, where you will face a higher fine and a criminal record.

There are other rules by which you can get a fine.

It is now a crime to “ruthlessly” step out of isolation and come into close contact with someone. That translates into an immediate fine of £ 4,000 for a first offender and £ 10,000 for your second offense.

It’s also now illegal to tell Test and Trace that you were in contact with someone when you actually weren’t. The first offense may be fined £ 1,000.

And now you must legally tell your boss that you are self-isolating before the next time you go to work. Failure to do so could result in a £ 50 fine.

However, there are legal exemptions that you can offer a police officer if you need to leave self-isolation.

The new laws apply when you are informed by a “specific person” that you either tested positive for Covid-19 after Monday September 28th or had close contact with someone else who tested positive after that date has been.

A “specific person” can be NHS Test and Trace or a council official. It is not included if a warning on the new Covid-19 app prompts you to isolate.

You need to self-isolate in one of the following places:

Once in this place you cannot leave until your time is up.

You are not allowed to leave the place where you live except “where necessary” in the following circumstances.

This is an exhaustive list by law. If a reason isn’t on this list, you can’t use it.



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