The Orville Season 3: Launch Day comic mini-series starts this week from Dark Horse Comics

Last year saw the coming of The Orville Season 1.5, a two-issue collection of”episodes” from Dark Horse Comics. Now The Orville is coming back to the comic scene with The Orville Season 2.5: Launch Day, together with the first issue available this Wednesday, September 2nd. Originally intended for release in June, the novel was postponed due to this COVID-19 pandemic. A recent exclusive with SYFY WIRE shed some light onto the series’ new story and why it’s important to the plot of the television show.

When Captain Mercer along with the crew of the U.S.S. Orville moves to permeate a fleet of Krill ships, they locate that the Krill en route to some former Union planet in the Alibar System. Orbiting the world is a”moon-sized structure”, emitting quantum interference. Convinced it is a weapon, the Krill plan to destroy the object. But what if the structure is something different completely?

The Orville Season 2.5: Establish Day was composed by the executive producer of The Orville David A. Goodman, together with art from David Cabeza and coloring by Michael Atiyeh. The new comic serial is supposed to bridge the difference between seasons 2 and 3 of The Orville. For fans of this show, this gets them back on the U.S.S. Orville nicely before season 3 arrives, as production has yet to resume on the collection. Artist Cabeza is especially excited to bring this story to life. “After over a year of the Season 2 finale, it is great to let fans get aboard The Orville again,” Cabeza informed SYFY WIRE. “They will read two new exciting stories which David Goodman and I created our team with all the flavor of the TV show. Ed and Kelly have exciting experiences on a new universe from the very first narrative, with the always threatening appearance of the Krill; then the second one focused on Talla is a very intriguing story that will allow fans to know about her personality. I truly liked drawing these problems and hope the readers and lovers enjoy them”

The very first problem of The Orville Season 2.5: Establish Day will officially be released tomorrow, September 2nd, but is available for pre-order now on Amazon in e-book format. Print editions are available for pre-order out of the local comic store. If you do not know where that is, then go over to to find a shop near you.

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