The popular Snapchat feature has arrived on Instagram!

Instagram includes another feature available in Snapchat. So what is this feature and what does it do?

The world’s most popular social media platform Instagram continues to get new features. In addition, the company is “inspired” by other platforms and is very successful in following the trends. “Stories”, the popular feature it got from Snapchat, is the clearest example of this.

After some time ago, Snapchat’s main theme, such as Messages and Threads, disappeared, the company is adding another feature. Especially if you want to solve the problems encountered while using the application, Instagram has the “Rage Shake” function.

Instagram ‘Rage Shake’ Feature

Sometimes you may experience problems within the application. If you come across a mistake and it makes you angry, the ‘Rage Shake‘ feature will come in handy. A Snapchat feature that allows you to report the error by shaking your phone when faced with an error or crash situation within the application.The popular Snapchat feature has arrived on Instagram! 1

Snapchat wasn’t the first to use the feature. Google Maps has been using this feature since 2012. Facebook also had this feature for a while in 2019. Now Instagram gets this function. Shake your phone and the ‘Rage Shake’ feature will kick in and a screen will pop up asking if something went wrong. This way you can submit your complaints about the application.

There are also some uses to reach complaint form by shaking the screen when you encounter an in-app error. Applications such as Atlassian Confluence and WARP can also help you with this. You can also use it for other applications.

Instagram head Adam Mosseri announced the new ‘Rage Shake‘ function with another innovation. Thanks to the new feature coming soon, it will become possible when you share a post with multiple photos with scrolling if you don’t like one of the photos and you want to delete it.

The popular Snapchat feature has arrived on Instagram! 2
While Rage Shake is available for Android and iOS, the ability to delete the selected photo in multiple parts is only available on iOS for now. It is expected to come to Android users in the future. No date has yet been given for when the features made available in the US will roll out globally.

What do you think of this feature that has come about? Instagram, although a little late? Do you think the function of deleting photos from multiple shared folders will be useful? Don’t forget to share your ideas with us in the comments.

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