The Queen and Prince Charles 'look sweet but awkward' in rare photograph

The Queen and Prince Charles were caught on a rare Easter photo of the two while out for a walk.

The snapshots were posted on Twitter and used by the royal family to “mark the Easter weekend,” officials say.

Clarence House’s Twitter also posted a second photo on its social media page of the two smiling and walking.

Pictures, taken on March 23rd and released today, show the Queen and Prince Charles in the gardens of Frogmore House in Windsor.

Flowers bloom behind the two royals, including daffodils and cherry blossoms.

The captions on both posts read: “The Queen and Prince of Wales are enjoying a stroll in the grounds of Frogmore House in Windsor.

But according to ExpressAccording to Judi James, an expert on body language, the poses of the monarchs are a bit “embarrassing”.

She said: “There is something sweet and unique about the slight physical awkwardness in the two Easter poses between mother and son in Britain.

“The gap between them and the way Charles looks straight into the camera rather than his mother, and the way he put his hand in his pocket instead of performing any touch or mock touch rituals brings about the queen somewhere between ‘The Queen’, ‘The Boss’ and a more loving’ Mummy ‘for the next heir to the throne.’

Judi continued, “Charles’ body language suggests deep respect for his mother, although the queen’s body language in the second pose is much more giving and relaxed.”

The “second pose” referred to here is the photo posted on the royal family’s twitter page of the queen visibly laughing.

“In the first case, both Her Majesty and Charles greet the camera with their hands stuffed in their pockets and an expression that combines a frown with a slightly stiff smile,” said Judi.

“But in the second pose, the queen seems to have relaxed to produce a very broad and congruent smile of happiness and good humor.”


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