The Queen's quick retort when Prince Philip called her a 'silly woman'

Although the Queen and Prince Philip were each other’s undeniable love, they reportedly quarreled on occasion.

A royal aide claimed that Prince Philip’s impatience and sharp tongue sometimes overwhelmed him because of the pandemic.

The adjutant, who was called in to cover the staff shortage in the royal household, told the Daily Mail, “They argued. It was cute but so unexpected.

“Once I heard the Duke say, ‘Oh, shut up, you stupid woman’ and the queen replied, ‘I’m not a stupid woman, I am the queen’.

“I couldn’t believe my ears, but I was told they were always like this.”

The incident allegedly happened when the couple and about 20 employees, called HMS Bubble, shielded each other together during the pandemic.

The night before her husband’s funeral, the grieving monarch published her favorite picture of herself and Prince Philip – a personal tribute to her 73-year-old husband.

It shows the royal couple looking relaxed and smiling while sitting on a picnic blanket enjoying the breathtaking scenery of the Scottish Highlands.

They both smiled warmly at the camera as they relaxed on the grass of the Coyles of Muick, a beauty spot near the town of Ballater in Aberdeenshire.

The Countess of Wessex – took the picture in 2003.

Write in The telegraph, The Duke’s biographer Giles Brandreth said Prince Philip was not a man to speak of his love for the Queen, but his actions spoke volumes.

Mr Brandreth said: “The Duke of Edinburgh did not like to talk about himself and he certainly did not want to be drawn to his relationship with the Queen. He accepted the main purpose of his life after 1952 was to ‘support Her Majesty as best I could’ but I didn’t want to discuss his ‘feelings’ about her with me or anyone else. ”

But he added, “Each of your contemporaries that I researched my book on Prince Philip with agreed that it was a love match from the start.

Prince Philip has always assisted the Queen in her duties

“Patricia Mountbatten, his first cousin, who was with him on his wedding day, told me, ‘He had absolutely no doubts about Lilibet as a person – as a future wife. He adored her. He loved her deeply – you could say that.’ Mike Parker, Philip’s closest male friend at the time and later his private secretary, said to me, “He loved her – absolutely.”

“And did this love last?” Oh, yes, “said Gina Kennard, who she knew from childhood – individually and as a couple – for about 75 years.

“They owned each other. Nothing could come between them. What they have for one another is the greatest respect – that matters so much – and deep love. Deep love that goes back a long, long way. “

Newlyweds Princess Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh

Due to the English Covid lockout rules, only 30 people attended Philip’s funeral instead of the 800 originally planned.

The queen sat alone because of the restrictions.

The public was asked to stay away from royal residences on Saturday.

Instead of laying flowers or gathering at Windsor Castle or Buckingham Palace in central London, the mourners were asked to sign one Online condolence book or donate to charity.


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