The rarest 50p coin that could be in your wallet and it's worth hundreds

Many of us use cash in stores every day, but sometimes we give away coins that could be worth a lot more.

Sometimes a rare 50ps can sell for hundreds as it is rare and unusual embossing defects occur.

And recently a rare 50p sold for £ 250 on eBay and you can potentially have one in your wallet or purse.

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The Kew Gardens are the rarest of them all, where only 210,000 exist. reports the sun.

The reverse depicts the Chinese pagoda, which stands in the heart of the London attraction after which the coin is named.

We often see this particular coin selling for hundreds of pounds on eBay so it’s not an odd feat and this particular coin managed to grab the attention of 28 Commandments.

These were placed within the short time frame of just one day, although bids initially started at a whopping 90 pounds.

It is always worth having a rifle by your own change to discover unique designs – if you can find one it can make big bucks on eBay.

The Kew Gardens 50p, like other commemorative coins, usually sells for hundreds of pounds so you can definitely make a mint.

One or the other embossing error also arouses interest.

They are usually all produced in small numbers, so there is great demand from collectors.

Looking at other listings on eBay can help you determine how much your own change could cost.

But you should also always keep in mind that a buyer might get off on eBay, which means the coin was not sold at the advertised price.

Also, be wary of counterfeits as they often show up online.

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