The Rumors Are True: iPhone SE 3 Officially Announced

The long awaited iPhone SE 3 was officially announced at Apple’s EBIL event today. We shared with you all the technical and design features of the new iPhone SE 3, Apple’s newfavourite.

The new iPhone SE, which we have been talking about for a long time and shared with you, was officially introduced at the Apple EBIL event held today, and we have to say: The new iPhone SE 3 sounds like a bombshell.

To sum up, the new iPhone SE has taken the good features of the iPhone 13 and improved it. It is decorated with the iPhone 8 design that many people have wanted for a long time and has become very fast. Let’s take a look at the features of the new iPhone SE or iPhone SE 3.

New iPhone SE 3 specs:

Display: 4.7 inch Retina HD front panel, IP67 waterproof and dustproof
CPU: 6-core Apple A15 Bionic
GPU: 16-core Neural Engine
Camera: 12 MP rear camera with Smart HDR 4 support
Connection type: 5G
The new iPhone SE 3 took the iPhone 13’s A15 Bionic chip and did great things with it. On the GPU issue, Apple’s classic Neural Engine is used again. One of the most interesting aspects of the iPhone SE 3 is that it uses 5G connectivity. The device will come in three different color options, red, gray and black.

According to Apple, the new iPhone SE 3 will be able to use the attention-raising feature brought by iOS 15. Thanks to the new Map application, you will be able to benefit from the benefits of artificial intelligence. It is also stated that the new iPhone SE 3 will receive new iOS updates for many years.

New iPhone SE 3 display: Retina HD

The screen of iPhone SE 3 is 4.7 inches and has Retina HD technology. The display also has IP67 water and dust proof certification. Apart from these, according to Apple, the new iPhone SE 3 uses the same screen as the iPhone 13. It is said that both the back and front glass panels of the iPhone SE 3 are the strongest glass ever released.

New iPhone SE 3 CPU: Apple A15 Bionic

The Apple A15 Bionic chipset, which Apple also used in the iPhone 13, is also used in the new iPhone SE 3. This 6-core processor makes actions such as opening applications, taking photos, sending messages and surfing the Internet much faster. According to Apple’s statement, the iPhone SE 3 is capable of processing 1.8 times faster than the iPhone 8.

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