The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Will Have A Special Version Mercedes And Mark Lona

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra: Last week we already had the first Samsung conference of the year where we saw different proposals for the world of smartphones. We are talking about the Samsung Galaxy S22 range, where it was already clear that the Galaxy Note family has been forgotten. But we stay in the present, where the company plans to launch two special versions of the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra with two brands: Mercedes and Mark&Lona.

This is the special version of the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Mark&Lona

One of the most striking things about a high-end phone is its special edition variants. At Samsung we are used to seeing how some of its phones receive some special design detail commemorating an event or simply putting a new design version inspired by an external brand.

The fact is that the Korean company has made two variants of its top product. The first is made with the Mark&Lona brand, a company dedicated to fashion design, which is presented in a yellow box while inside it carries the terminal together with an exclusive casing and what looks like a strap that can be hooked to an outer sheath. There are two other typical elements of the firm that will help to further personalize the case.

This is the special version of the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Mercedes EQ

We’ve gotten used to seeing phone companies make certain versions created with the support of phone manufacturers. In the case of this Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra we have a version of the Mercedes EQ, one of the latest electric cars from the German company.

In his case, as you can see, it is a box that looks like a reinforced plastic suitcase, as if inside it were a piece of the car itself. Of course, inside there will be a terminal unit, accompanied by other external aesthetic elements such as a casing in the same blue color as the suitcase or a simple keychain that has the company’s logo.

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