The Samsung Galaxy S9 Receives Its Latest Security Update

Samsung Galaxy S9: Samsung has stumbled a lot when it comes to the numbering of its Galaxy S series. Now we are going for the same two figures of the year in which we find ourselves, but in recent years we have seen some very significant changes in this regard. Suddenly we went from S10 to 20, and that was two years ago. So don’t be surprised that the Samsung Galaxy S9 receives a latest security update.

The latest Galaxy S9 update

It has been four years since the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S9† Yes, all that time has passed and the owners of this terminal have enjoyed a high-end phone with high performance. It is still a good phone on all levels, but it is true that these four years have given a lot in terms of product design and features.

But let’s go to the most important thing, and that is that the Samsung Galaxy S9 receives its latest security patch. The company is always committed to keeping its phones running with the latest software for several years, specifically about four years unless an emergency patch is needed.

According to what Sammobile has, the update is already being rolled out in Germany and it is a matter of time before it reaches other European countries. As you know, within the Settings and update check function you will have the possibility of installing this new piece of software that corrects no less than 50 vulnerabilities that can harm the device.

Another thing you should know is that although we are talking about the Samsung Galaxy S9, we are not referring to the terminal itself. Let’s remember that it has an enhanced version, which is the Galaxy S9+, which will be just as exposed as the rest of the terminals of the same family and numbering.

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