The Season 3 Finale of Yellowstone Draws A Record-Breaking 7.6 Million Cumulative Viewers In Live+3

Yellowstone remains the most famous show on television. According to Nielsen, the Season 3 finale of the Paramount Network drama series starring Kevin Costner drew a total of 5.2 million viewers on Live + Same Day, a million more than any other episode in the history of the series, making it the # 1 cable broadcast. of the year. . The finale attracted 7.5 million viewers to the premiere night, including a CMT simulcast and encores.

Yellowstone will look like a movie on a big screen, according to Paramount Network, and there will be plenty of those cross-country big shots of movies leaving, making cinematic lands like Texas (Hell of High Water) and, here, Utah and Montana so stunning .

But Yellowstone tries to be so expansive and soap operatic from the start – as evidenced by the overuse of helicopter shots – that there’s hardly any realism in it. The series begins with a slaughter of a tractor trailer and ends with Costner speaking existentially to a battered and dying horse before shooting it dead in the pre-credits series. From there, there isn’t really any way out.

John Dutton, the patriarch and baron of the Dutton family farm in Montana, is played by Costner. Despite not being explained at this level of detail in the series – which is surprising given the level of the exhibit – Paramount Network claims Costner’s character has a secret: “ Controls the United States’ largest contiguous ranch, which is constantly on edge. foot. with those who live on the borders: land developers, an Indian reservation and America’s first national park.

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A sixth-generation farmer and a loving father, Dutton lives in an unfair environment where lawmakers are bought and sold by the world’s largest oil and timber companies, and land collects net billions for developers. “

Everything happens in Yellowstone – huge, soapy things that are usually interrupted by long monologues. This is an overtly testosterone powered series. There are guns, horses, and more guns, as well as a chopper, dynamite, sex, and fire, as well as plenty of metaphorical measurements of dicks and conversations about what it means to be a man or a cowboy. Being gay is the subject of jokes.

yellowstone season 3

Jamie Dutton (Wes Bentley), the family attorney who wears a suit and has perfect hair, only admits his sexuality to sister Beth when she maliciously calls him (saying Dad won’t like it when he finds out), that he is ‘celibate’. Perhaps this will be further developed in the future.

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Yellowstone, on the other hand, has a few flaws. One problem isn’t money, of course: every actor imaginable can be seen in this series, including famous faces like Huston, Hennessy and Wendy Moniz, who all have a few lines that refer to the development of their characters later on. Even Gretchen Mol has been cast as Costner’s late wife, but who knows, she might appear in more than family photos. There are a lot of great actors here, but they can’t be discreet.

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