The secret Facebook section tracking your activity when you're not using the app

One TikTok user shared a secret tracking link on their app that they think users should delete now.

In a viral video, the user finds out that Facebook is keeping a log of “off-Facebook activity” showing the apps that Facebook is tracking that you are using.

According to the user, they even check when you click on your banking app from your app. There is a way to clear it, however, reports the sun.

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TikToker users @skillsoverpolitic said, “Facebook tracks every app you visit.

“If you do online banking, track them when you click on your online banking app on your phone.”

She then goes on to explain that she “stumbled” in shock when she saw this.

To view your own activities outside of Facebook, you need to go to Settings in the app, find your Facebook information and then click on “Activities outside of Facebook”.

The TikToker then explains how to delete any off-platform app information that Facebook has been tracking.

It’s easy to do by simply clicking on “Clear History”.

You should see a message stating “Your activity has been deleted”.

The apps previously listed in the section should disappear.

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