The secret New Year's Day hangover cure which could help you feel human again

New Years Day is here and 2021 is officially over.

And for many of us who partied late at night, we may be a little overdone with the alcohol.

This means you may wake up with a severe headache, feel sick, and be unable to get out of bed.

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Well, nutritionist and health coach Steve Macari told us what to do the day after, because Harper’s Bazaar – Including a secret drink that might help get rid of that hangover.

Steve has his own special hydration saver that you can take as soon as you wake up when you have a pounding headache and an upset stomach.

To do this, he mixes 235ml water, 118ml coconut water, 118ml orange juice and a pinch of sea salt.

It’s not a McDonald’s breakfast, but by this point you are probably ready to try everything.

He adds that beetroot also helps improve liver function – so add something to your lunch or find some juice.

Once you’re awake and feeling a little more human, you need to look that way too.

Steve advises staying out of the sun and exfoliating to help improve blood circulation and clear the alcohol from your system faster.

Cross your fingers that you’ll feel fit in no time

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