The Senate Has Failed America

Every member of the United States Senate swears an oath “To support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies at home and abroad” and to pledge to “bring true faith and loyalty to them”. After the House of Representatives charged Donald Trump with incitement to the insurrection that led to the deadly attack on the United States Capitol on January 6, 2021, the duty of true faith and allegiance to the Constitution required that the Senators attempt to win the 45th condemn President for the high crimes he has committed.

On Saturday, a bipartisan majority made up of 57 Senators – 50 Democrats and seven Republicans – found Trump guilty and endorsed the representative’s conclusion Jamie RaskinThe Maryland Democrat, who served as the House’s chief impeachment manager, said: “Donald Trump has committed a massive crime against our Constitution and our people, and the worst violation of the presidential oath in US history. For this he was charged by the House of Representatives and must be convicted by the United States Senate. “It was Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) written down“The largest, most bipartisan, presidential impeachment vote in American history.”

Still, 43 Republicans voted against Trump’s guilt and prevented the Senate from gaining the two-thirds majority necessary to hold the most dangerous and destructive president in the country’s history accountable for his seditious acts. Schumer called this election a “vote of shame”.

The 43 Republicans who gave up their oath of office to defend Trump failed because of the constitution.

However, this wasn’t the only failure to show true faith and allegiance to the Constitution on Saturday.

With their decision to end the efforts of the House’s impeachment managers to call witnesses in the trial of Donald John Trump, Senators from both The parties opted for political pragmatism over constitutional duty.

In doing so, they rejected the possibility of making the impeachment process as wide as possible. They relinquished their responsibility to use every tool at their disposal to review and rebalance the imperial presidency – in the immediate trial of Trump for inciting insurrection and in the broader struggle to renew the role of Congress as the pre-eminent branch in a system of divided powers.

“The decision not to call witnesses [was] a victory for Trump indeed, ”said the constitutional attorney and advocate of accountability for the president John Bonifaz, the co-author of the book, .


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