The series to be linked to the Dark Justice League

The Constantine series, recently announced as a project in development on HBO Max streaming, will be linked directly to the Dark Justice League series. Both productions plan to relaunch dedicated DC characters on a new platform.

The infamous streaming DC Universe, which originally brought a number of relevant series to the public, will become exclusive to comic book distribution, officially handing over the baton of audiovisual content to HBO Max – a service expected to be released in June this year. Brazil will arrive. .

It’s worth noting that The CW, also belonging to the Warner Media group, was largely responsible for promoting DC series on television for over a decade. The network has brought Arrowverse characters together in several special episodes with crossovers in recent years.

According to information released by Variety, Constantine’s protagonist, which has not yet been officially revealed, is also expected to appear as a recurring character in the Dark Justice League.

According to the website, the series will also focus on the darker aspects of John Constantine’s comics, leaving the religious part a bit aside.

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While there are few details about the Dark Justice League project, other relevant characters in the saga such as Zatanna, Etrigan and Swamp Thing could win their own new series if confirmed. John Constantine is one of the most celebrated antiheroes among fans and therefore deserves all of his recognition.

Expectations now revolve around who will be part of the production cast. So far no speculation about negotiations has surfaced.

We can only wait for more news!

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