The Slow, Certain Disintegration of the US Empire

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Like Gregor Samsa, the never-to-be-forgotten character in Franz Kafka’s storyThe transformation“We woke up on January 7th to find that we too were“ a giant insect ”with“ a dome-like brown belly divided into stiff, arched segments ”and numerous“ pitifully thin ”legs that were“ helpless ”in front of us waved to our eyes, but if you prefer, you can just say: we opened our eyes and realized that we have somehow become a giant cockroach of a country.

Yeah, I know Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are in charge now, waving wildly with their own little limbs do some of what needs to be done for this sad country of troubled, over-armed, sick and sick people To die. But anyone who’s seen the scenes of the Floridians to celebrate A Super Bowl win largely exposed and cheered, shoulder to shoulder in the streets of Tampa, can’t help but realize that we are now, in fact, a cockroach nation that is still the richest, most pandemic exposed on planet Earth .

But don’t just blame Donald Trump. Granted, we’ve just gone through the Senate trial and acquittal of the biggest political cockroach. I’m talking about the president who while discovering that his Vice President was in danger “executed“(“Hang Mike Pence!“) And was rushed out of the Senate when a mob settled on him and promptly tweeted,” Mike Pence didn’t have the courage to do what should have been done to protect our country and our constitution. “

Introduce yourself. The veep who – if you don’t mind mixing my creature metaphors here – had been sentenced to president for four endless years, was then sentenced to a working death sentence by the same man. You can’t dive much deeper into the personal roachdom. My point here, however, is that our all-American version of the cockroach was a long time coming.


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