The Society Season 2 Renewal Updates: Why The Series Got Cancelled?

Extend or cancel? These two are just the stage of a series that can make the viewers’ mood completely opposite. Even though this year has been big for every TV series and fans have been getting tons of updates for the upcoming season. The fear of cancellation has already taken away a lot. In the list, where we’ve seen some disappointed fans cry over their favorite series, is The Society season 2.

The Society is one of the hit Netflix series that was originally scheduled to come out this year. The first season premiered in 2019 and after its release, the show became one of the hit Netflix series. The audience loved the YA show and responded positively to it. The cast performed very well in the first season and went blank after that.

Echoing the story of the girls and boys from high school, which is a regular theme on Netflix, the showrunners have tried to make the show scary and thriller at the same time. The series went on air and was absolutely worth everything to the showrunners. After the broadcast, the show topped Netflix.

Despite so much popularity, Netflix was cruel enough to cancel the show on the board. It was such a disappointing experience for the fans waiting for the series to be renewed. Fans were heartbroken after hearing the cancellation news. Still, we all feel that the series should have one more season. Why? Let’s take a look below.

The Society was left on a cliff hanger

The Society Season 2

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After feeling the situation, they set out to find out exactly what is happening in the city. The final episode of the show was quite dramatic. The feelings of the fans were at the peak and then the show came to an end. In 2019, the same year The Society was released, the show ended with the release of its first season and ended on a cliffhanger.

Fans were pleased that Netflix will release another chapter. It was also officially confirmed that the show will take place next year. The fans want to know if everyone has died or if there is something to look for.

One of the fans’ theories suggests that a parallel universe may exist. The children were never really in their city, in reality they were in the Alicante universe which made them think. Since Allie Parehman is the new mayor, we’ll have to wait and see what the future of the series holds in the years to come.

The Society Season 2: Why was the series cancelled?

The Society Season 2

Earlier, the officials announced that The Society season 2 will take place. It was mainly the story that made the audience believe in the imminent future of the series. Fans are constantly demanding season 2 of the thriller drama, but despite such a horrific demand, Netflix decided to keep its mouth shut.

In the long run, the ending of The Society season 3 was completely heartbreaking and left tears in the eyes, but the cancellation was very shocking. Against such a thing, Netflix came out and the reason why they canceled the show. The officials stated that due to the global pandemic, the cancellation had to be made. They further called the situation a “difficult situation”.

The official noted, “We have made the difficult decision not to continue with the second season of” The community and I’m not okay with this. We are disappointed that we have to make these decisions due to circumstances caused by COVID. ”

You’d be shocked to know that the second season was actually coming in 2021. Shooting would begin in the summer of 2020. Keyser pointed out and said. “But we went back to fall and winter. And then they decided it was too much. That, I think, is how it goes.”

The audience was shocked, but more than that, the cast was left blank after hearing the news. Keyser spoke to the audience and said they were already talking about the cancellation for months. He explained it to the fans. “I can’t pretend to be surprised,” “I know we’ve had many months of conversations about the challenges of producing in this environment.

“Of course nobody wants to see the story they are writing end, and I would like the characters not to end up like the children of New Ham, to suddenly, abruptly, disappear never to be seen again. But I can’t quite control that.”

In contrast, the public blamed Netflix for using “CoronaVirus” as an excuse. The real reason was the extreme budget that caused Netflix to cancel the series. Keyser told fans that the series was going over budget, something to be concerned about for the platform. “We had to deal with Netflix and the budget increase and all that sort of thing,” explains Keyser. “There were ongoing talks, we knew there were challenges to this.”

Absolutely “This is extremely shocking”, “But it would be for everyone. We have no choice but, like so many people at this time, to deal with the losses that this pandemic has caused. I think we are like all those little “Businesses and restaurants that are closed and no longer open. Our people are out of work, but that applies all over the country.”

The Society Season 2: What does the cast say?

The Society Season 2

Several petitions and tweets have already started circulating on the internet. The fans are showing their support for Season 2. All these things were pretty clear to the cast hoping for the series to be released. Netflix already caused the sensation of canceling many series this year. As it turned out, the fans have mostly stuck with the show. The cast also seems to support the series. Kathryn Newton, one of the cast members, tweeted in support of the ongoing petition.

More than 132,000 people have now signed the petition. If you are one of those fans who crave extension, then you should also step forward and sign the petition.

Is there a possibility for the show to return?

The Society has a huge fan base and these fans are enough for the show’s renewal. Netflix is ​​already making several controversial topics that are already on fire. They previously canceled the hit Netflix series Lucifer and fans have been doing everything they can to get the show back.

Despite all the cancellations, Netflix has to duck and renew the series. Likewise, there is also great hope for society. The popular OTT platform is getting a lot of backlash after canceling all the popular and fan favorite shows. It’s been two years since the show was released and the two-year hiatus will see a lot of things change in the cast. Take the example of Stranger Things.

The series has three years of gap and boom, we have a completely the same cast that looks different. The thing is, it would be nearly impossible for the series to pick up the same plot and movie down the road after making such a big divide. We’ll just have to wait and see what Netflix will do with all these things.

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