The Stasi spied on Roger Moore while he filmed James Bond film in Berlin

The GDR’s secret police, the Stasi, were about to arrest Roger Moore while he was shooting the James Bond film Octopussy in Berlin.

Secret documents that have just been published show that the Stasi was monitoring the British film crew while they were filming at Checkpoint Charlie, the famous border crossing between East and West Berlin.

Stasi agents, known for their brutality, were furious when they saw the occupation on Jan.

In the scene, Moore’s 007 had to meet his British secret service agent “M”, played by Robert Brown, and was chauffeured to Checkpoint Charlie in a dark Mercedes 200.

The scene was shot several times before director John Glen was happy, and for each shot the car had to drive as far as the GDR border before turning around and returning.

But the crew did not notice that the car was actually entering the GDR.

In the report of the Stasi officers it says: “When turning, the vehicle violated the state border four times by around 4 to 5 meters.”

The document published yesterday states: “Report on the shooting of a ‘James Bond’ film in the western run-up to the Friedrich / Zimmerstrasse border crossing on 10.

“12 vehicles appeared in the western area of ​​the border crossing point … most of them in the parking lot behind the house at Zimmerstrasse 19 a.”

The Stasi was founded in 1950 and by 1989 had 91,000 employees and a network of informants looking for “enemies of the state”. With the reunification of Germany in 1990, the Stasi was dissolved.


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