The Tesla Will Have A Function To Record Everything That Happens Around Them

Tesla continues to work on its cars to deliver the best electric models. For that, their features need to be at the top of the market and they are looking for features to add to their cars. That’s what Autopilot is for, but it’s true that the features need to improve, as is the case with the sentinel mode you plan to launch.

This is Tesla’s sentry mode

Safety in a car is of or more important, both when entering and when parking. The fact is that once you’ve parked your car, there’s little you can do to protect it from potential bumps and scratches that other users might cause. That is why many carry a camera on the dashboard, although the Tesla sentry function will be the great solution.

The manufacturer offers this feature in such a way that car cameras also act as security cameras. They work like the security cameras you can buy at an electronics store, and the signal is sent directly to your device or stored locally in the car registry.

For now, this feature has reached users of a smartphone with an iOS system, although little by little it will reach Android terminals, as The Verge notes in its lines.

A payment function

This function of Teslas Sentinel mode is a great addition to your system that ensures your car sleeps on the road. However, this feature has two things to keep in mind: the first is the one we told you earlier about its availability, which is only available to iOS operating system users to extend the service to Android.

The second important thing is that even if you have a bitten apple phone, you may not be able to access it unless you pay. And this feature is part of the Tesla Premium Connectivity program, which costs 10 euros per month and which easily, if you have been able to buy a car with these characteristics, is an acceptable price to guarantee the safety of the car and find it irresponsible to damage it and run away.

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