The Trump-Shaped Stain on American Life


M.y Uncle Harry has seen it all and he has the years to prove it: he turned 100 on November 1st. (In case you’re wondering, he attributes his longevity every day to family, love, curiosity, and ice cream.) When Donald Trump was elected, Uncle Harry predicted the next four years would be horrific, but it only would There are two things that could not be undone even if the Democrats won in 2020: the destruction Trump would wreak to the environment and the judges he would do bet the Supreme Court.

Trump has more than fulfilled Uncle Harry’s predictions. In terms of the environment, Trump took the United States out of the Paris Agreement – it seems so long ago! -, What he has called a disaster. “He scrapped the Obama-era carbon footprint reductions, eased clean air regulations, weakened protection for marine life and endangered species, and opened public land to mining and logging (including two national monuments, Utah’s Bear Ears and Grand Staircase-Escalante, which were named by Barack Obama and Bill Clinton) and much more. At every step, Trump has shown contempt for nature, from the humble sage grouse, whose habitat is no longer protected from mining and drilling, to our rapidly heating planet.

Fortunately, some of Trump’s plans have been shackled in court, but that’s not a guarantee. As Uncle Harry warned, and the whole world knows, the courts have been Trumpified. Trump’s three Supreme Court appointments (Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh and Amy Coney Barrett) are so far to the right that Chief Justice John Roberts is now a centrist. And in a six Conservative court, Roberts ‘vote may not be required to seriously harm women’s rights, workers’ rights, civil and civil liberties, LGBTQ rights and, of course, voting rights. Could it be that what we naively considered our way of life – that long arc of the moral universe slowly approaching justice – can so easily be bent back by simply anointing three young, energetic reactionaries? Gorsuch is a lively youth of 53 years, Kavanaugh is a 55-year-old beer lover, and Barrett is only 48 years old. This trio will dance on the graves of many of you reading this, not to mention myself, provided Barrett’s manly supremacist tongues speak Christian cult allows women to dance. It is certainly no coincidence that Ruth Bader Ginsburg, an architect for the legal equality of women, should be replaced by a fembot of the Federalist Society who considers abortion barbaric and women should obey their husbands. As a Republican on the House Judiciary Committee tweeted when Barrett was confirmed: “Happy Birthday @HillaryClinton!”



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