The weird UK laws you didn't know existed – including being drunk in a pub

From banning women from eating chocolate after getting on a bus to banning seeing a naked mannequin, there are a number of weird British laws still in place today.

Though they are still in the law books, many of the country’s strange rules have been forgotten – mainly because they are no longer enforced.

But recently they came back to light thanks to a viral TikTok from by @alysmusicuk who talked about Britain’s strangest laws – and how they could easily be broken without realizing.

Over the course of the three-part videos, which have been viewed around 1.6 million times, @alymusicuk explains how it’s illegal to get drunk in a pub and linger after a funeral.

Here are some other weird laws that you may not have known about:

Carrying a wooden plank down the street

Within the Metropolitan Police District, with the exception of the City of London, it is illegal to walk the streets with a wooden plan, poles, ladders and posters.

Ding Dong ditch

The classic game you played as a kid, knocking on a stranger’s door and running away, is against the law.

If you don’t recognize the name, it’s likely because it’s widespread across the county, with others referring to themselves as knock-knock ginger or even Nicky Nicky Nine Doors.

Drunk in a pub

Since 1839 it has always been illegal to get drunk in a licensed establishment.

One we can all be found guilty of.

Boys are not allowed to see naked mannequins

In Scotland, boys under the age of 10 could be breaking the law if they discover a naked mannequin while shopping.

This law takes over the classic relics of the old “laws of propriety”, a time when Britain tried to prevent the “corruption” of youth.

Crazy dress

Many would have broken the law this year if they dressed up for Halloween without realizing it

Although hundreds, if not thousands, dress up as soldiers and cops for Halloween, it is actually considered a criminal offense.

Approval stamp

If you put a queens’ stamp upside down when posting letters or parcels, it is supposedly high treason.

Cleaning in the morning

You should be careful if you get a motivational boost in the morning to clean your messy apartment, as it’s illegal to shake your carpet or mat out your window before 8 a.m.

Chocolate on public transport

Unfortunately for women, an obscure 19th century English law made it illegal for women to eat chocolate after getting on a bus.

Here are some other laws 2Chill found that you are going to question the logic behind it.

  • Under the Salmon Act of 1986, handling a salmon while it looks “suspicious” is a criminal offense.
  • If you don’t have any notice from the police, avoid walking cows in the streets in daylight.
  • Members of parliament should not wear armor while in parliament.


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