The Worst Predictions of 2020

The coronavirus will just “go away”

Predicted by Donald Trump … many, many times

6th March: “It will go away.”
March 10th: “Just keep calm. It will go away. “
March 12th: “It will go away.”
March 30: “It will go away. You know – you know it will go and it will go and we will have a great victory. “
March 31: “It will hopefully go away by the end of the month. And if not, it will hopefully be soon after.”
3rd of April: “It will go away … It will go away – I didn’t say a date. … I said” it goes away “and it is walk away.”
7th of April: “It’s gone – it will go away.”
May 15: “It will go away – eventually it will go.”
15th June: “At some point this stuff disappears. And it goes away. “
July 19: “I’ll be right at some point. You know, I said, “It’s going to go away.” I will say it again. “
5th of August: “The thing goes away. It will go away as things go away. “
August 31: “It will go away.”
September 15th: “It is walk away. And because of the vaccines, it’s likely going to go away a lot faster now. “
October 10th: “It will go away; it is disappear. “
October 24th: “It goes away; it rounds off the curve. “

It’s the end of December, and although vaccines are beginning to spread, there is no evidence that the coronavirus is going away, despite the passionate wishes of “herd immunity”. Nationwide, the virus is in the middle of a third wave that dwarfs that at the beginning of the year. On July 17, the summer coronavirus spike peaked in terms of daily new cases in the US: 76,334. Today that number would be the the lowest We saw daily in total for more than two months. We have tagged more than 100,000 new cases every day since November 4th. The number of deaths in Covid has reached record highs. The ten deadliest days since the pandemic began all happened in December, and the number of cases is likely to increase in the coming weeks due to travel on vacation.

We’ll know who won the presidency at 10 a.m. on election night

Predicted by James Carville, November 2

In the run-up to Election Day, it emerged that the polls, which showed a deepening race between Trump and Biden, actually under counted Biden’s support. Among those who adopted this thinking was James Carville, the famous Democratic strategist who led Bill Clinton’s 1992 campaign. “We’ll know the winner of this election tomorrow night at 10am,” said Carville said MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell on November 2nd. “What people do is just scare them unnecessarily and make them nervous.”

The count on election night turned out to be inconclusive, as huge amounts of untold postal ballot papers were waiting to be counted. It wasn’t until 11:25 a.m. on Saturday, four days later, that the AP declared Joe Biden the winner, and other major media outlets followed suit.

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