TheGrefg makes history and two million viewers

The content creator breaks his previous record as an individual streamer, over 600,000 users, and doubles down on who was Twitch’s greatest live film of all timeā€¦ to this day.

TheGrefg has broken every known record on Twitch. The content creator specializing in Fortnite started a live today to present his skin for the Epic Games game, and during the broadcast he destroyed the stats known so far: more than 2.4 million simultaneous viewers at different times, before the presentation of the skin and during it. This means that his previous record, which was already the most watched individual streamer on the platform with just over 600,000 viewers, has to be multiplied by four.

TheGrefg’s songs have not only served to break an individual streamer’s record he himself had achieved, but have also doubled the most watched stream in Twitch history to date, that of the ELEAGUE Boston Major 2018 Finals, which had 1.08 million simultaneous viewers in January. 2018. Grefg reached more than double the number of simultaneous viewers during that presentation.

The night was historic from the first moment. Shortly after starting a two-hour countdown, Grefg already surpassed his previous figure with 700,000 simultaneous viewers. But this was only the beginning. Halfway through the flow it was placed above a million and as the countdown approached the moment when the skin was revealed, the numbers rose over a million and a half and within minutes of reaching the counter to zero, over two million and got a peak of 2.4M which would be repeated later when skin was already visible.

The record has not gone unnoticed by other streaming giants such as Ninja, who is known worldwide and has also indulged in the monstrosity Grefg reached tonight.

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