Theragun Percussive Massager Sale 2020

It’s a very stressful time for everyone, and a lot of people are looking for the best ways to take care of their bodies right now (especially as they get used to spending as much time indoors as possible in the foreseeable future). For those who need muscle relaxation after long periods of time sitting at a computer screen or a difficult home workout, Theragun has a rare sale which offers up to $ 150 off its three best-selling percussion massage tools, from the light and compact Liv model to professional-quality G3Pro.

Theragun’s devices are popular with the fitness community for the way they massage tense muscles (and do it quickly, up to 40 beats per second) to help relieve pain and manipulate soft tissue. Experts say Theragun can be used the same way as a foam roller or massage ball to deploy muscle creases, but the force it produces can actually help you reach even deeper muscle groups .

With personal care in mind for many days, it might be worth investing in some stress relievers, especially if you’ve been watching Theragun for a while. The brand has also partnered with Feed America donate some of the proceeds to help the many needy people who need a good meal. Through the website, each Theragun sold will provide 100 meals to people across America, with the overall goal of giving 100,000 meals. Additionally, the brand will donate devices to hospital workers across the country to help them relax (if you’re a healthcare professional in need, you can DM @Theragun directly on Instagram to receive a device).

Theragun Liv Essential

The smallest of the Theragun models, the liv Essential is light and compact, making it easier to target areas that are difficult to access without additional effort.

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Theragun G3Pro

This powerful tool uses percussion technology and an ergonomic design to help release deep muscle knots and cramps.

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Theragun G3Premium

This Theragun model offers all the advantages of the Pro version with a lighter and more streamlined design. In addition, it is made with a lighter speed to use on extremely sensitive painful areas.

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