They Create A Mobile Battery That Charges In Five Minutes To 50%

Mobile Battery: Larger screens, more effective materials and more and more things inside a mobile. But the problem is always the same: autonomy. What is the use of having the entire NASA on a smartphone if the battery is going to last a whiff, at most a day or a day and a half? Well, until the issue of battery capacity is fixed, we will always have fast recharging, which in recent years has been making its way into the world of Mobile Telephony.

And it is that sometimes we do not have the 60 minutes that a current mobile phone usually needs on average to charge its battery to 100%. There are faster ones, with batteries that are fully charged in 30-45 minutes, but it’s still a while to wait. Although, what if they were loaded half in less time, in just 5 minutes, and full in 17 minutes?

50% in 5 minutes

150W SUPERVOOC is a technology developed by OPPO Research Institute in which super fast charging is enabled by a custom dual battery, battery PCB protection board, and embedded microcontroller to improve overall charging efficiency. All this means that SUPERVOOC can charge a 4500 mAh battery from 1 to 50% in just five minutes. And 100% in just 17 minutes.

With support for the intelligent battery status algorithm, the good thing about this technology is that it guarantees that “the capacity of a 4500 mAh battery can be maintained up to 80% even after 1600 charging cycles”, so it does not such a fast charge does not damage or accelerate the wear of the battery.

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