This Dance Routine to Taylor Swift's "The Man" Is For Fearless Leaders and Alpha Types

Taylor Swift’s discography is great for getting up and moving around (hello, “Shake It Off”), and thanks to choreographer Kyle Hanagami, fans have new dance moves on one of her recent hits, “The Man.” Kyle hosted a class at the Millennium Dance Complex in Los Angeles, teaching attendees an energetic routine that touches every beat of Taylor’s track. If you’re a fan of the song and can’t get it out of your head, you might as well learn some choreography to go with it. Dancers such as Jazz Smith, Anthony Westlake and Floris Bosveld demonstrated the routine and gave the moves their own personality. I wouldn’t be surprised to see this beautiful footwork on TikTok soon! Watch the full dance video above, but full disclaimer: You may start dancing in your seat.

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