This Gel Manicure Trick Will Save Your Grown Out Nails

In the grand scheme of things, worrying about an adult gel manicure is certainly low on the priority list right now. But it is nevertheless an unexpected consequence of social estrangement. Now that many salons and spas are closed for the foreseeable future, women are wondering how self-isolation will affect their usual beauty routines.

This certainly applies to nails, as booking a manicure is out of the question for at least a few weeks. But that hasn’t stopped creative minds on the Internet from thinking of new ways to adapt to the disruption. The last to gain traction is a brilliant hack shared by Olivia Smalley, hairdresser in South Florida.

As indicated by Seduce, Smalley posted the tour a few months ago when she had to film a work video – she’s a content creator for hair care brand Joico – but noticed her overgrown gel manicure. Instead of panicking, she grabbed glitter polish and filled the unpainted area. She recently re-shared the video, thinking it would be more relevant now that no one has access to their usual living room.

In the video, she starts by refreshing the shape of her nails with a file, then fills the adult area with a large glitter (she used Essie’s Rock at the top). She notes that you can just stop at the cuticle area for an inverted French look, but she brings it halfway up her nails for a nice shaded effect.

“I love the idea of ​​covering your regrowth with large glitter”, nail artist Brittney Boyce tell Charm. “I think the glittery shaded look is very affordable to do at home.” Not only does it look good, but it helps fill the physical space left by the frost. Plus, as Boyce notes, it’s absurdly simple to do. “The thick flakes are great to shade because they come in the form of uneven disbursements, which makes it easy to avoid hard lines,” says Boyce.

This genius is not only great, but it is also very trendy. Some of our favorite nail artists have been doing cuticle art for quite some time now, so now is a good time to try. Plus, it saves you from panicking your gels and destroying your nails in the process.

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