This Is What an Opposition Party Is Supposed to Sound Like

Senator Bernie Sanders speaks in the Senate. (Senate television via AP)

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The Republicans use the Corona virus outbreak as an excuse to do what they did during the financial collapse of 2008: a class war against working Americans. Bernie Sanders didn’t give in.

Apply a combination of morals Outrage and devastating sarcasmThe Vermont Senator shamed the Republicans in a speech in the Senate for prioritizing corporate bailouts, and refused to provide some level of security for low-wage workers who have lost their jobs as much of the American economy is about to collapse has come.

“How absurd and wrong is that? What is this value system? Sanders demanded when he scolded a republican change that would have limited benefits at a time when the unemployment rate would skyrocket. Even in the midst of the crisis, the senator thundered: “Some of my Republican friends have still not given up on the need to punish the poor and working people.”

Within minutes, Sanders showed how an opposition party should work and how it should sound during a debate that focused only on part of a major measure. Refusing to let the Republicans sell the nonsense, which invariably serves as a cover for the terrible combination of bailouts for the rich and austerity measures for the working class, Sanders pushed back.

It was a fight that Sanders expected to win, but that’s how he fought it: he hit as hard as the Republicans. And he claimed the moral level – inspired the hashtag #Thank YouBernie on social media as Rev. Dr. William J. Barber II wrote, “#Thank YouBernie for pointing out the immorality of the Republicans who finance the big deal and are trying to cut the few things off the bill to help poor and low-income workers.”

Former Senator Heidi Heitkamp, ​​a moderate North Dakota democrat, distributed a video of the speech with the message, “I can’t always agree @ BernieSanders but this is @ BernieSanders at its best. You go, my friend! “


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