This Is What Robots That Give Vaccines Without Needles Are Like

robots are increasingly present in our daily lives. They don’t just help you prepare the meal of the moment or the next day, wash the floor of your house or, if your house is very sophisticated, instruct you to heat your house before you get home from work. But soon it could show up in other places, like hospitals, like this robot that gives vaccines without using needles.

The miracle of many: Robots that deliver vaccines without needles

If there’s one thing we’ve heard about this past year and some, it’s vaccines. In this case we are talking about that of COVID-19, and that does not mean that the annual flu is foreseen for patients at risk every year around these dates. The procedure for many is just one where you just have to show your arm and close your eyes or look the other way while the health care provider administers the vaccine.

The process takes a few seconds, but the fact is that more than one would want to go through this without receiving a needle stick. And with this claim we find Cobionix, a company founded at the University of Waterloo that created a robot that delivers vaccines without needles.

The device consists of a base that supports a robotic arm. At the end is a charger with pre-filled vials with the correct dose for each person. It works as a registration computer in the first steps as the user has to do a previous online registration to start the test. Then the machine with the identification document scans the data of the person and the procedure begins.

Pressure jets instead of needles

This needleless vaccine robot is the most interesting for two reasons. The first is that it only works thanks to a LiDAR sensor that recognizes the exact spot where the vaccine should be placed. The patient will see the selected point on the screen and will need to clean the area with alcohol as normal and once this is done we will move on to the next point. This refers to the second reason, which is that by not using needles, he uses another method: pressure jets. These are as wide as a human hair, so they penetrate the skin without any problems and painlessly. The vial is then discharged into a biowaste for later disposal.

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