This is when MOT tests will be mandatory again as lockdown restrictions ease

This is when MOT tests will be mandatory again as lockdown restrictions ease

Mandatory TÜV tests for cars, motorcycles and vans in England, Scotland and Wales are slated to be reintroduced as the Covid 19 restrictions are gradually lifted, the government announced today.

Drivers are encouraged to book a test in advance to ensure that their vehicles are ready to drive.

People with a TÜV due date before August 1st still have a six-month exemption.

Drivers received a six-month TÜV test exception in March to slow the spread of the corona virus.

However, as the restrictions are relaxed, anyone whose car, motorcycle or van is due to receive TÜV from August 1 must receive a test certificate to continue driving their vehicle.

Minister of Roads Baroness Vere pointed out that road safety tests are essential to ensure that vehicle parts such as tires, seat belts, brakes, lights and exhaust systems work properly.

She said drivers with a TÜV due date before August still get a six-month exemption from testing, but all vehicles still need to be properly maintained and kept in a working condition.

She added that people can get their TUV voluntarily earlier, even if they are exempt from the law.

Motorists can be prosecuted for driving an unsafe vehicle.

Baroness Vere said: “When people come back to our streets, it is important that drivers can keep their vehicles safe. For this reason, the TÜV tests will become mandatory again from August 1st when the restrictions are relaxed.”

“Garages across the country are open and I urge drivers due for their TÜV to book a test as soon as possible.”

Only a few garages remained open during the closure to provide important services. Meanwhile, over 90 percent are open across the country. Test capacity has already reached 70 percent of normal levels and is steadily increasing, the government said.

All drivers who are vulnerable or self-isolating should contact their local workshop as many offer pickup and delivery services.

The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) has also issued guidelines for all TÜV testers to safely conduct tests in accordance with the latest government recommendations.

All vehicles for which a TÜV is due between March 30, 2020 and July 31, 2020 will receive an automatic extension of their TÜV due date by 6 months. Drivers can still voluntarily submit their vehicles for testing.

Drivers can receive a TÜV up to a month (minus one day) before it expires and keep the same renewal date.

Vehicles cannot be driven without a valid TÜV certificate. The only exception is if the vehicle is driven for its TÜV test as long as the test has been booked.



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