This Social Distancing First Date Saga on Instagram Has the Internet Talking

In the era of social distancing, people are starting to get creative on how to maintain relationships … and even create new ones.

As the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) locks Americans in their homes, friends make virtual drinks via Zoom and Houseparty, families are hosting online game nights and singles are offering new ways to date. Videos of a man from Brooklyn on a meeting with a woman who lives in the building opposite are currently touring Instagram and TikTok.

The story of photographer Jeremy Cohen started on Insta and (like a real surfer) continued his TikTok, a movement that surely gave it a wave of new followers. He tells how he saw a woman dancing on her roof and after greeting, decided to send her number via a drone.

Cohen says flirting is usually “intimidating” for him, but because of his forties, he has driven social interaction crazy and tried his luck. “I can’t believe it really worked and yes, it’s a real story,” he wrote in the caption for the video.

The move worked and he received a text! “There will be a part 2 in the next few days, add me on tiktok if you want to see it” bio link “”, he added to the legend.

New Yorkers then had a first date with tiny tables and tablecloths – and wine, of course. They FaceTimed from their respective buildings while Cohen documented everything. The photographer claims that he tapped the roommate on his date to help set it up.

Then he decided to make his biggest romantic move to date. He rolled into her house in a giant plastic bubble so that they could take a “walk” together. They were even arrested by cops who had seen their story on the news. (Side note: did he … just have this thing lying around?)

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The internet thinks this is pretty much the best dating ever. “Fellas, we can’t find any more excuses,” wrote a Twitter user. “Expectations have been increased.”

Of course, not everyone believes that this love story is authentic.

Whether it is a true rom-com in the making or not, we have been completely entertained and look forward to the fourth part.


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