Those who intentionally spread coronavirus could be charged as terrorists

Persons who intentionally spread the corona virus could be prosecuted under federal law against terrorism, Ministry of Justice official No. 2 said on Tuesday.

In a memo to senior Justice Department politicians, law enforcement officers, and U.S. attorneys across the country, Assistant Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen said prosecutors and investigators may encounter cases of “targeted exposure and infection of others with COVID-19”.

“Because coronavirus appears to meet the legal definition of a” biological agent “… such acts could potentially imply the nation’s terrorist laws,” Rosen wrote. “Threats or attempts to use COVID-19 as a weapon against Americans will not be tolerated.”

Rosen did not say whether such threats or deliberate disclosures had been reported, or whether his warning was precautionary.

The Department of Justice has also set up a task force to deal with hoarding and price cuts related to supplies that are urgently needed to fight the virus.

Attorney General Bill Barr said during a briefing at the White House on Monday that hoarding supplies like masks would be prosecuted. However, the memos released by Barr and Rosen on Tuesday state that the Ministry of Health and Human Services has not yet officially named the health-related elements for which the administration falls under the Defense Production Act.

The task force that is pursuing such issues will be headed by U.S. New Jersey attorney Craig Carpenito and will include anyone from any U.S. law firm or other Department of Justice units, Barr said.

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