Thousands of PlayStation games will disappear soon

Three legendary game consoles of an era will soon be permanently removed from PlayStation Store stores. Sony has announced the closing dates for PS3, PSP and PS Vita on its official support page.

PlayStation 3 and PSP consoles will lose access to the online store on July 2, according to a statement from Sony. PS Vita will shut down on August 27. Until then, players can continue to purchase games from the PS Store. But at the end of the summer, thousands of games are saying goodbye to PlayStation.

2,000 200 games will say goodbye to the world of PlayStation

According to reports from VGC, Sony will disconnect nearly 2,200 digital games with three game consoles that will say goodbye this summer. While 630 of them are PS Vita games; 336 PS2 Classic and 730 PlayStation 3 games are shelved. A small number of PSP productions say goodbye to the players.

Most of the games that are saying goodbye to the PlayStation ecosystem will also be available on other platforms. However, thanks to Microsoft’s backward compatibility, it becomes an Xbox exclusive. Among these productions are popular productions such as Beyond Good & Evil HD, Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light.

According to reports, 120 games on the list will be completely eliminated. It will not be available on any other platform. The prominent names from these productions are:

– Infamous: Festival of Blood
– Echochrome II
– Lumines Supernova
– The last man
– Rain
– Trash Panic
– Pain
– PixelJunk Racers
– Tokyo Jungle
– TxK
– MotorStorm RC

Some users are annoyed that Sony is giving up backwards compatibility. However, many games will live on memory cards for a while. Most legal copies will inevitably be deleted in the future. On the other hand, broadcasters can also hit the road to bring their very popular projects to future consoles. Of course, time will tell.

But what do you think of these thousands of games that will say goodbye to PSP, PS Vita and PlayStation 3 devices? Don’t forget to share your ideas with us.

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