Thousands of weddings in England to be cancelled due to rules

Thousands of weddings in England must be canceled after government roadmap becomes confused over Covid restrictions, industry warns.

The Weddings Task Force, set up with government support to represent the sector, had expected all venues to reopen on April 12, based on a “widespread” interpretation of the guidelines published on February 24.

After weeks of inquiries, it has now been confirmed that weddings and receptions between April 12 and May 16 are only permitted for 15 guests in places of worship, public buildings, places and outdoor areas that are already open.

This does not include the vast majority of licensed wedding venues in England, where over 70% of weddings take place.

The Task Force estimates this will affect around 7,000 weddings scheduled before May 17th.

In a statement, the task force said, “We believe the government should uphold the reasonable assumptions made by couples, venues, suppliers and their own registrars.

“All weddings and receptions for up to 15 people should be permitted in Covid-safe wedding venues. Couples understand the restrictions and venues have strict security protocols by law. “

Weddings Task Force spokeswoman Sarah Haywood said, “People such as venues, couples, corporations and registrars sensibly interpreted the roadmap announcement to mean that wedding venues could host weddings and receptions for 15 people starting April 12, as they did last year.

“This great news – featured in government-produced graphics – has also been picked up by the mainstream press and broadcasters and cited by MPs. The government just forgot to burden it with “but only weddings for 15 in a very few select locations that would not normally be associated with hosting weddings”.

The Prime Minister’s official spokesman said: “I would like to refer to the road map, which is clear that in step two weddings, receptions and memorial services including guards with up to 15 participants can take place in premises that are allowed to be opened.

“We have said everywhere that it is safer outside than inside. That means, in step two – April 12th at the earliest – wedding receptions must take place outdoors. “

He added: “From April 12th at the earliest, wedding receptions must take place outside, it is safer outside than inside.”

Ms. Haywood also attacked the absurdity of the rules, saying, “A couple could technically get married in a zoo, but not in a Covid-safe, purpose-built wedding venue.”

The task force said 60,000 companies employing 400,000 people in an industry valued at £ 14.7 billion are “facing further uncertainty and growing unrest”.

“After a year of uncertainty for companies, their employees and over half a million people whose weddings have been put on hold, this is another blow,” added Ms. Haywood.

“It will cost the industry millions of pounds already on its knees, result in more job losses and leave an estimated 7,000 couples without a wedding.”


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