Threats against members of Congress doubled in 2021, Capitol Police say

Some members of Congress were harassed at airports and in public places. Others have spent thousands of dollars on security details and security systems to keep themselves safe. The Capitol Police themselves are thin and understaffed after months of increased security around the Capitol.

In their statement on Friday, the Capitol Police suggested that Bolton propose to emulate the threat intelligence division of the United States Intelligence Service, which deals with threats related to the White House. The Secret Service handled 8,000 cases and had 100 agents and analysts in 2020, while Capitol Police said it handled about 9,000 cases and only had 30 agents and analysts.

Bolton will testify to the House Management Committee on Monday about counter-surveillance and threats to the Capitol complex. House Administration Committee Chair Zoe Lofgren said Bolton’s latest report “identified worrying shortcomings” on a number of issues, including Capitol Police’s “threat assessment and cross-surveillance operations”.

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