Three customers furious as network goes down

Three apologizes to customers on social media after their network went down this morning.

According to Downdetector, reports of the Three’s network crash were logged around 4:30 a.m.

Three used social media to apologize for the inconvenience caused by the bug, but customers were still unhappy as they couldn’t make calls or text messages.

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As the workday starts, dozens of unfortunate Three users complained on Twitter to complain to the network.

Three customers said, “We are having technical issues on a couple of calls right now.

“Please accept our apologies if this affects you, our engineers are working hard to fix the problem.

“Check for updates here.”

But for some customers a fix comes too late – they were so angry that they threatened to switch provider.

TashaJade94 tweeted: “Come on three, come together I’ve been a long-time customer for years, but now I’m considering switching because I only had problems with this network provider.”

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Sean Walpole said, “Yes, thank you. I missed an interview because I couldn’t answer.

“They cost me more time and money than my actual contract. This network is a joke. How are you going to compensate your customers for it?”


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