Three dead and 150 people hurt as rare tornado 'apocalypse' hits Czech Republic

A deadly tornado tore apart parts of the Czech Republic, killing three people and leaving many serious injuries.

It swept through several villages in the southeast of the country in scenes described as “like an apocalypse”.

The strong storm blew from the roofs of a number of buildings, with winds so strong that trees were uprooted and cars were thrown into the air.

The southern districts of Breclav and Hodonin were hit hardest by the tornado.

The situation was described as “a living hell” by regional governor Jan Grolich after a visit to the region.

“We estimate the number of injuries at 100-150, from children to seniors,” it said.

A Czech news agency CTK reported that the mayor of Hrusky said that half of his village had been razed to the ground.

Rescue teams from all over the country as well as from neighboring Austria and Slovakia were deployed to deal with the crisis.

Prague, the capital, may have reached wind speeds in excess of 200 miles per hour, said a Czech television meteorologist.

This would make it the strongest in the modern history of the Central European nation and its first tornado since 2018.

Hail the size of a tennis ball caused significant damage to the area.

It was the strongest tornado in the history of the Central European nation

A spokesman for the emergency services of the South Moravian region told Czech television that three people were killed in the storms and many were injured.

Czech television reported that seven cities were “massively” damaged.

Antonin Tesarik, the director of the Hodonins Hospital, estimated that more than 200 injured were treated.

“It was an apocalypse,” he told the local news.

Survivors estimate the damage to their homes

“There was blood everywhere and helpless people in tears. They saved their lives and lost the roofs over their heads.”

A retirement home and a local zoo were also destroyed.

The Czech Interior Minister Jan Hamacek said on Twitter: “All available rescue units are in action or are moving to the Hodonin region, where several communities were hit by a tornado.”

The tornado freak also caused extensive power outages, leaving more than 120,000 households without power.

The storm was so powerful that trees were torn from the ground

Traffic delays have also been reported as fallen trees and power lines blocked major highways.

The motorway connecting Prague with the Slovak capital Bratislava was also congested.

Drones and helicopters will be used to search for the rubble, the police said.

It comes after another violent storm in Poland on Thursday that left one person injured.


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